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Citizen Science

Started in 2018, SPLASH's Citizen Science Program provides members of our community the opportunity to monitor the health of the middle Delaware River.  SPLASH's citizen scientists collect field samples on a monthly basis to monitor changes in the watershed.  SPLASH's citizen scientists contribute to the Watershed Institute's StreamWatch Program and the NJDEP's NJ Watershed Watch program.  Data is also incorporated into SPLASH's educational curriculum for our students to learn more about their environment.


SPLASH's StreamWatch team gathers chemical data from monitoring sites within Lambertville, NJ.  Volunteers test six basic water quality patameters:

  • Water and air temperature;

  • Phosphates;

  • Nitrates;

  • pH; 

  • Turbidity; and

  • Dissolved oxygen

This data is included in the Watershed Institutes' quarterly sub-watershed report card, municipal report cards, online, and to the USEPA's Water Quality Exchange.

Click here for the most recent StreamWatch Water Quality Report Card.

Want to Volunteer?

Join a team of volunteers to monitor water quality in the Delaware River and its tributaries in Lambertville. No experience is required, and all training is provided.

  • Attend a one-hour free training session

  • Minimum 1-2 hours per month for field work

  • Access: easy walk or bike ride, to sample sites

  • Minimum one year commitment is required

Contact Allison Brown, PhD:

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