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We provide unique educational adventures that inspire both children and adults to learn about the Delaware Watershed, STEM sciences, local history and more.

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SPLASH Strategic Plan 2023 - 2026

SPLASH, with the assistance of our Board of Trustees, supporting staff, volunteers and external partners, is proud to present our 2023 - 2026 Strategic Plan.  

Over the next three years, SPLASH will continue to provide exciting and engaging environmental classes to underserved youth throughout Mercer County; expand our Citizen Science impact through additional monitoring sites and road salt data collection; and support the growth of our staff and volunteers.   

We want to thank everyone involved in bringing our Strategic Plan to fruition including the 2018 Strategic Planning Committee, who provide the foundation for us to build upon.  

"The next three years will be an exciting time to be a part of this organization.  The Board of Trustees has set challenging, yet realistic, goals for SPLASH.  I am so proud to be at the helm of this organization.  Together, there isn't anything this organization, staff, volunteers, and board members can't accomplish." - Loretta Pregartner, Board of Trustees President

Upcoming Events

Participate in local environmental campaigns such as clean ups, tree plantings, opportunities to join SPLASH, and chances to meet with us. 


Visit back!  We update our events often.  Don't see anything you can participate in?  Email: to join our Newsletter.     

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Local News

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Check out our internship article in the Lambertville Matters newsletter for July 27, 2023. 


If you know anyone who is interested in an internship with SPLASH, email

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